What to look for when comparing CBD products

Over the last 5 years, the popularity of CBD products has skyrocketed. According to ‘Single Care’, over 65% of the adults in America take at least one CBD-infused product on a regular basis and with the industry still experiencing strong growth, expect this number to continue climbing.

This increased interest in CBD products is being driven by information around what CBD can do for your health and wellbeing, as well as the plethora of interesting products on market, giving people plenty of options for consumption.
With this increased choice of products, also comes confusion, with consumers sometimes struggling to know what products are best-suited for their needs.

To help guide you through the process, we compiled a list of what to look for.

Certificate of Analysis What is COA?

You’re probably sitting there thinking, what the heck is a Certificate of Analysis ‘COA’? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

A COA can be found on the website of the CBD company you’re purchasing your products from and it confirms the exact amount of CBD content within each product they sell.

Use this information to better understand the contents of the products you’re buying before leaping in.

Be sure to check that the COA comes from a 3rd party laboratory.

Shop Organic

Organic is always best, period.

CBD products that have come from plants that don’t contain harmful chemicals will serve you better in the long-run.

Check Customers Reviews

Like all things living in the world of the internet, reviews from past users can help narrow-down your decision.

A pro-tip. Look at the negative reviews first.

Select a Full-Spectrum CBD oil

Full-Spectrum CBD Products contain several compounds that make the product more effective when consumed. In what’s known as the entourage effect, the compounds work together to boost the effectiveness of the product, and with out these other compounds, the CBD isn’t as effective.


We’re living in the golden age of CBD products but with so many products to choose from, you can end up with something that isn’t as good as it should be,

Use the tips above, coupled with the information we curate to help guide your decision making process.

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