1 Hemp Gummies

Premium Jane’s Hemp Gummies: The Pinnacle of Taste & Wellness

Elevate Your Wellness with Premium Jane's Hemp Gummies

Dive deep into a wellness experience like no other, where taste and health harmoniously unite.

The Essence of Our Hemp Gummies:

  • Tantalizing Flavors: Each gummy perfectly marries the purest hemp isolate with delightful natural berry notes.
  • Potent Dose: Experience the power of hemp with a significant 25mg dose in every gummy.
  • Vegan Delight: Vegan-friendly gummy bears, crafted to elevate your wellness routine.

Commitment to Unmatched Quality:

Our Hemp Gummies are not just a treat; they represent an unwavering dedication to quality.
  • All-Natural: Sourced from non-GMO hemp that’s been lab-verified for non-intoxication.
  • Pure Essence: Free from pesticides, herbicides, solvents, heavy metals, and chemical fertilisers.
  • Trusted Process: Our unique crafting ensures the finest blend of taste and wellness benefits.

The Crafting Behind Premium Jane's Excellence:

It's not just about ingredients, but how they come together.
  • Blend & Balance: Delectable gummies infused with the market's purest hemp isolate.
  • Team Dedication: Our innovative team is devoted to pushing the boundaries of wellness.
  • Sealed Freshness: Our 750mg Hemp Gummies are encased in natural syrups, forming a protective vegan-friendly gelatin layer.

Embark on a Transformative Wellness Journey:

With Premium Jane’s Hemp Gummies, savor each moment and witness the tangible health advantages they bring. Taste the transformative difference today!
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2 Australian CBD Oil Compare - Naturecan CBD Vegan Gummies

Naturecan – CBD Gummies

Naturecan - CBD Gummies

Naturecan high-quality everyday, (cannabidiol) CBD gummies, are packed with flavour and a sweet way to get the daily CBD dosage you need, with absolutely zero THC. If drops and capsules aren’t for you, our CBD gummies are quick, convenient, and they give you that juicy flavour boost, too. We only use broad-spectrum CBD, which contains multiple cannabinoids that work together to produce an ‘entourage effect’. This means each active component, including all-natural plant terpenes, combine to boost the oil’s natural properties. 1 Our Certificate of Analysis can be found here.

Naturecan - Vegan CBD Gummies

Infused with 10mg/25mg high-quality cannabidiol, our Vegan CBD Gummies are packed with all-natural flavour for a juicy, plant-based way to get the daily CBD dosage you need, with absolutely zero THC. Created with only plant-based ingredients including organic cane sugar, our sweet gummies are certified 100% vegan. Quick and convenient, they’re perfect if drops and capsules aren’t for you, plus they’re packed with zesty lemon, tangerine, raspberry, and mouthwatering melon flavours. We only use broad-spectrum CBD, which contains multiple cannabinoids that work together to produce an ‘entourage effect’. This means each active component, including all-natural plant terpenes, combines to boost the oil’s natural properties. Our Certificate of Analysis can be found here.


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3 Bottle of MaxCBD Wellness Gummies with Vegan, Full Spectrum CBD Ingredients

MaxCBD Wellness: Unique Relief & Serenity – Transform Life

Experience the benefits of CBD in a delicious and convenient way. MaxCBD Wellness offers CBD Gummies that are perfect for those who prefer an alternative to traditional CBD oils and capsules. They're designed to suit all ages and lifestyles, and here's why they're winning hearts:

Top-Rated Quality:

  • Made with Full Spectrum CBD, ensuring you get the entire range of benefits.
  • Professionally crafted for mood enhancement and pain relief.
  • A trusted brand often recommended by healthcare practitioners.

Great Taste & Convenience:

  • Delicious flavours that make daily supplementation enjoyable.
  • Soft and chewable, making them suitable for both kids and adults.
  • An easy way to integrate CBD into your daily routine.

Organic & All-Natural:

  • Made with the finest organic ingredients.
  • Contains no artificial additives or preservatives.
  • Provides a natural way to combat anxiety and everyday stress.

MaxCBD Wellness – CBD Gummies: The Ideal Choice for the Whole Family:

Join the wellness revolution with MaxCBD Wellness CBD Gummies. They are more than just a tasty treat; they are a path to enhanced well-being and a happier life. Ideal for anyone seeking natural solutions to life's everyday challenges. Taste wellness with MaxCBD!
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4 CBD Oil Drops

Tonic Vault – CBD Oil Drops

Discover the power of CBD with our Tonic Vault CBD Oil Drops. Crafted with CBD derived from organically farmed hemp and fractionated coconut oil, our tinctures ensure optimal absorption and a taste you'll love. Perfect for first-time users, our 300mg CBD Oil helps restore balance and promotes a feeling of calm. Experience the benefits of CBD today and find your ideal dose.
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5 CBD Bath Bomb by CBD for Life

CBD For Life: Premium CBD Bath Bomb – Serenity Now!

Discover the magic of 'CBD Bath Bomb by CBD for Life'—the ultimate bathing companion after a taxing day. Immerse yourself in a fusion of high-grade CBD, enriched with nature's potent minerals and a bouquet of carefully selected essential oils. This concoction promises not just relaxation but a profound journey to tranquility and mental clarity. Designed with utmost precision, our bath bombs ensure your tub remains pristine and your skin free from stains, thanks to our certified colorants that prioritize both aesthetics and absorption safety.
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6 CBD Tincture Bottle by CBD for Life

Revive & Heal: Unique CBD Tinctures by CBD for Life

What's Inside?

Our CBD Oil Tinctures are made with special stuff called CBD that comes from hemp plants. These plants are grown the natural way, without any bad chemicals. We add a type of coconut oil that helps your body use the CBD better, and it makes it taste really good!

How to Use It:

Using our oil is easy. You can put a drop right under your tongue or mix it into your favorite juice, tea, or soda. People use it to feel more relaxed and balanced. If you're having a stressful day, it might help you feel more calm.

For Beginners:

If you've never tried CBD before, don't worry! Our 300mg CBD Oil is made just for people like you. It's not too strong, so you can start by trying a little bit to see how it makes you feel. Lots of people find that it helps them feel more relaxed and happy.

Find What Works for You:

After you've tried our 300mg CBD Oil, you can decide what's best for you. You might find that it's just right, or you might want to try something a little stronger. It's all about what makes you feel good. We have different options, so you can choose the one that's just right for you.

Safe and Tasty:

We make sure that our CBD Oil Tinctures are safe to use. We test them to make sure they're good quality, and we only use the best ingredients. The coconut oil we add makes them taste nice, so taking your CBD can be something you look forward to every day.

Give It a Try!

Lots of people are trying CBD to see how it helps them feel better. Whether you want to feel more relaxed, sleep better, or just try something new, our CBD Oil Tinctures could be just what you need. Come give it a try and see what it can do for you!
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7 Endoca Natural Deodorant with CBD - a blend of organic freshness and CBD benefits.

Endoca Natural Deodorant with CBD: Bold, Rare Confidence – Buy Now

Endoca Natural Deodorant with CBD - Freshness & Protection, Naturally

Natural Odor Protection:

  • Infused with organic hemp extracts and a refreshing citrus lime fragrance.
  • Organic arrowroot and baking soda provide effective odor control without aluminium.
  • Ideal for daily use to prevent excess sweat and keep you smelling fresh.

CBD Benefits:

  • Contains 10mg CBD per ML and 100mg of CBD per jar.
  • Less than 0.2% THC ensures non-psychoactive effects.
  • Powerful antioxidant properties of CBD soothe sensitive underarms and reduce irritation.

Skin Nourishment:

  • Rich in organic shea butter and coconut oil to nourish delicate skin.
  • Protects skin naturally without blocking the release of toxins.

Pure & Safe Ingredients:

  • Free from parabens, sulphates, and chemicals.
  • A natural paste formula that leaves your armpits feeling calm and refreshed.


Endoca Natural Deodorant with CBD is your go-to solution for natural protection from body odor and skin irritation. Infused with organic hemp extracts and the tantalizing scent of citrus lime, this unique formula not only fights odor but also nourishes and calms the skin. With CBD's antioxidant power, you can enjoy freshness all day long without worrying about harmful chemicals. Experience the natural care of Endoca, and embrace the freshness you deserve.
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8 Endoca's CBD Lip Balm for Soothing and Nourishing Lips

Endoca’s CBD Lip Balm: Soothe & Nourish Your Lips | Buy Now

Endoca CBD Lip Balm: A Natural Way to Protect and Moisturize

Natural Ingredients:

  • Active cannabinoids
  • Coconut oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Decarboxylated CBD hemp extract


Deeply Moisturizing:

  • Instant relief from dryness
  • Provides extra moisture for both lips and skin

Rich & Nourishing Formula:

  • Fit for pockets or bags
  • Goes where you go
  • So pure, you can even eat it!
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9 Endoca CBD Capsules bottle on a pristine background.

Endoca CBD Capsules: Unique Purity & Relief | Order Now

High-Potency Endoca Capsules


  • Taste: Odorless and tasteless
  • Strength: High


Convenient intake of essential vitamins and minerals

Key Ingredients:

  • Omega 3
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Flavonoids
  • Terpenes
  • Co-factors
  • Co-nutrients

Extraction Process:

  • Method: CO2 extraction
  • Unique feature: Innovative, chemical-free technique using compressed air
  • Benefits: Preserves the full spectrum of plant properties

Quality & Composition:

  • Source: CBD-rich hemp
  • Potency: Gently heated for maximum effect
  • Features: Organic, vegan, and designed for easy swallowing

Moderate-Potency Hemp Oil CBD Capsules


  • Taste: Simple and devoid of flavor
  • Strength: Medium


A straightforward way to reap the advantages of CBD

Key Ingredients:

  • Omega 3
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Flavonoids
  • Terpenes
  • Co-factors
  • Co-nutrients

Extraction Process:

  • Method: CO2 extraction
  • Unique feature: Cutting-edge, no-chemical method using compressed air
  • Benefits: Retains the complete range of plant attributes

Capsule Features:

  • Material: Vegan gel caps crafted from purely natural components
  • Composition: Enriched with cannabinoids, plant waxes, and hemp's native terpenes

Health & Wellness:

  • Nutrient richness supports dietary health
  • Contributes to overall well-being.
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10 Australian CBD Oil Compare - Endoca Raw CBD Capsules

Endoca – Raw CBD Capsules

  1. Endoca high strength CBD+CBDa formula capsules offer all the natural benefits of the hemp leaf without any of the hemp taste. Our full-spectrum CBD oil is unheated and unfiltered, retaining the vital cannabinoids, minerals, vitamins, and plant waxes that are often lacking in our diets, with omega 3, vitamin D and vitamin E, flavonoids, terpenes, co-factors, and co-nutrients.
We make CBD extracts using a special innovative extraction process with no chemicals, just the compressed air you breathe, Co2 extraction is the best method for maintaining the whole plant properties. Organic and non-GMO capsules also contain co-factors and co-nutrients which work in synergy with our own biochemistry to stimulate equilibrium in the body.  
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11 Endoca Raw CBD Oil Bottle

Endoca: Raw CBD Oil – Unique Wellness Elixir

Endoca's Raw Full-Spectrum CBD Formula

Primary Components of the Formula:

Endoca's advanced formula is not just about CBD. It encapsulates a blend of CBD+CBDa and enriches it with vital health boosters like omega 3, vitamin D, and vitamin E. In addition, it also features an array of flavonoids, terpenes, and essential co-factors and co-nutrients. This comprehensive blend ensures that you get the full spectrum of hemp's potential benefits.

Innovation in Extraction:

Endoca believes in purity and authenticity. This is why the CBD extracts are processed using an innovative chemical-free method. The extraction uses only compressed air - the same air you breathe every day. Among the extraction methods, CO2 extraction stands out. It's not only environmentally friendly but also the most efficient way to preserve the inherent properties of the entire hemp plant.

Quality and Holistic Benefits:

What sets Endoca's CBD oil apart is its commitment to quality and health. Certified as organic and non-GMO, this oil is a testament to purity. Furthermore, while many extraction processes lose vital vitamins and minerals due to heat, Endoca's method ensures that these precious elements remain intact. The result? An oil that upholds hemp's intricate structure, conserving over 400 unaltered molecules.

Towards a Healthier Lifestyle:

Every drop of Endoca's CBD oil is a step towards a balanced and healthier life. It's not just an oil; it's a reservoir of essential vitamins and minerals. When integrated into a daily routine, it can support and enhance your holistic well-being.
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12 NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum Multicannabinoid Capsules for health and wellness.

NuLeaf Multicannabinoid Capsules: Boost Your Health Now!

Introducing NuLeaf Naturals Multicannabinoid™, your new pathway to enhanced health and wellness. This pioneering formula is crafted to elevate your overall health and wellbeing with a precise daily blend of potent cannabinoids. With our understanding of the endocannabinoid system's role in maintaining bodily harmony, we've infused NuLeaf Naturals Multicannabinoid™ with an unparalleled balance of essential cannabinoids. These compounds work synergistically to supercharge your endocannabinoid system, allowing you to reach a state of equilibrium and vitality like never before.

Key Components:

  1. CBD (Cannabidiol): Known for its calming effects, CBD helps manage stress and promotes relaxation. It's an essential element for overall mental clarity and wellness.
  2. CBG (Cannabigerol): A non-psychoactive compound that enhances cognitive function and supports digestive health.
  3. CBC (Cannabichromene): Aids in reducing inflammation and discomfort, promoting a more balanced and pain-free life.
  4. CBN (Cannabinol): Known for its sedative properties, CBN contributes to improved sleep quality, helping you wake up rejuvenated.
Our meticulous attention to quality ensures that NuLeaf Naturals Multicannabinoid™ contains the perfect combination of CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN oils. By preserving the full spectrum of cannabinoids, we maintain their natural harmony and potent benefits.

Benefits of NuLeaf Naturals Multicannabinoid™:

  • Holistic Health Enhancement: Our balanced profile nurtures your body, mind, and soul, supporting a healthier lifestyle.
  • Natural Ingredients: Sourced from organically grown hemp plants, our product is free from artificial additives and preservatives.
  • Third-Party Tested: To ensure safety and efficacy, our formula undergoes rigorous testing by independent laboratories.
Whether you're seeking stress relief, improved cognition, pain management, or better sleep, NuLeaf Naturals Multicannabinoid™ offers a versatile solution to meet your unique needs. Embrace a life of vitality and balance with NuLeaf Naturals Multicannabinoid™, and discover the natural way to enhance your wellbeing. Visit our website or contact your local distributor to begin your journey to a healthier you today! (Note: Always consult with a healthcare provider before using any supplements, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications. This product is intended for individuals 18 years of age or older.)
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