CBD Bath Bombs…Yes, There Are Benefits!

When you think of ‘relaxation’, what’s the first thing that jumps to mind? If it’s ‘Bath Bombs’, you may be onto something. Now, how can you possibly make this better…add CBD!.

What does a bath bomb do?

Fill up your bathtub, drop in the bomb and watch your water fizz with delight. These wonderful creations are used to help you relax, as they contain nice aromas, as well as soften your skin. When CBD is introduced into the picture, we get added benefits which we’ll explore in this blog.

CBD and Bath Bombs – what is the benefit?

CBD is being used by millions of people the world over for its healing and wellness properties. Consumers are reporting better sleep, reduced levels of anxiety, lower depression and general overall happiness, all by simply incorporating CBD products into their diet.

Interestingly, attention has now turned to what CBD can do for your skin. This interest has led to a boom in hemp skincare products, like facial serums, face masks, muscle creams, and now, bath bombs.

A major benefit of soaking in a hemp-infused bath bomb is enhanced skin softness, with the bath bomb hitting the outer-layers of your skin – the parts that are most exposed to the external elements. 

It may appear to be a low-value benefit, but CBD bath bombs can be a great option for people who can’t orally take CBD products because of medication clashes.


For your next bath, be sure to try something new…drop a CBD bath bomb and let it fizz away your stress and soften your skin!

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