Does CBD Oil Need to Be Refrigerated?

Does CBD Oil Need to Be Refrigerated?

A common question asked by many who want to use CBD oil – Does it need to be refrigerated?

This question is typically asked along with “How do you know if the oil is still safe for consumption?”.

These are great questions and in this blog, we’ll answer them for you.

Does CBD Oil Need to Be Refrigerated?  

No, not necessarily. However, you do need to store it properly if you wish to keep your CBD oil safe for consumption.

Ideal storage consumption consists of the following:

  • A cool, dark place, like the pantry cupboard or a kitchen draw.

If you leave your CBD in a warm and sunny place, it can lead to mold and bacteria development, and freezing it can cause the oil to turn thick and gluggy.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last? 

CBD oil usually has a shelf life of up to two years, however, this shelf life is determined by things such as the ingredients, quality of product, and how it’s been stored. Let’s dive into some of the details surrounding these factors below.

  • Quality and Ingredients  – Great quality products will last longer – period. Quality is determined by the growing and extraction process, along with the other ingredients in the oil.  Do your research on the company and be sure to only purchase products that have a strict production process, and use quality ingredients.
  • The Extraction Process – The extraction process is achieved by using carbon dioxide and the method in which this is achieved matters greatly, as it will ensure the cannabinoid levels in the product remain high. High cannabinoid levels, and a high quality extraction process will ensure a long-lasting product. 
  • Packaging – Ever wondered why CBD oil comes in dark bottles? As we previously said, the best way to store CBD oil is in a cool, dark place, away from sunlight and warmth. The dark bottles help protect the oil from sunlight and air exposure. 

How Long Is CBD Oil Last Once It’s  Opened? 

If you’re storing it correctly, your bottle of opened CBD oil can last up to six months. 

How to Know If the CBD Oil Is Still Safe to Use 

Look at your bottle and you’ll notice an expiration date. This will give you some indication of how long it will last for/is safe for consumption. If the label has slipped off (of course this happens sometimes), then we must rely on our instinct! Here’s what you look for:

  • Color: The darker the oil, the less effective it is.
  • Smell: Smelly oil = bad. Fresh oil smells earthy and delightful.
  • Taste: Once again, it should be earthy, and kind of nutty. If it tasted bad, it’s no good and you must throw it away.

I Accidentally Consumed Bad CBD Oil

If you ingested CBD oil you think has gone bad, don’t stress…you won’t get sick, however, you’ll be getting no health benefits, as the cannabinoids would have degraded and won’t be effective.


Store your CBD oil in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight and warmth. Do this, and your CBD oil will likely last for up to two years (if unopened) and up to six months (if opened).

Always read the bottle label and smell, look and taste test before fully consuming.

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