Everything You Need To Know About CBD and Vaping


First came the oils, then came the gummies, and now, we have the vapes. 

And we shouldn’t be surprised, because the total market of CBD products is expected to go over $3.5 billion in 2021, a metric that shows how strong overall demand is. 

So when it comes to vaping, what should you look at? Is it safe?

Let’s jump in and answer these questions. 

CBD Potency

There are thousands of different types of CBD vapes on the market, all with different flavours, styles and most importantly, potency.

It can be difficult narrowing down your selection but using potency as a yardstick is a great start.

As always, we recommend starting low and only increasing your dosage if required. If you have concerns or further questions about dosage, always consult your doctor.

Is CBD Safe?

There’s no shortage of news articles which detail the bad side of CBD vaping (vitamin E oil taints), but this isn’t the norm. In reality, only a small percentage of products have been tainted, noting that the majority of products are indeed made up of what they say is on the label.

To ensure you’re consuming a quality product, take the following action:

  • Always look for the Certificate of Authenticity
  • Check the ingredients
  • Use Organic products
  • Read customer reviews

What are the benefits of Vaping?

In terms of vaping versus taking an oil, there’s no difference either way. CBD products will help with your joint pain, anxiety, and overall stress, whether that’s consumed via a vape or oil.

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