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Why We Started CBD Oil Compare

I have been suffering from severe inflammation for many years now, and wanted an alternative to the strong medication provided by my specialists. My desire for something different was driven by issues my prescribed medicine was causing, namely, stomach ulcers, which they tried to treat with even more medication.

As you can imagine, I was feeling frustrated and concerned about what this cocktail of medicine was doing to my body so I scoured the internet to see what else was out there, and this is how I stumbled upon CBD.

I felt that CBD could be a great alternative if it did indeed help with my inflammation issues, and during a visit to the U.S.A, I was lucky enough to trial various CBD products. I tested it over a period of time and found that CBD did relieve inflammation in my body and I didn’t suffer any of the side effects that traditional medicine was causing me.

This was 5 years ago and ever since, I’ve been a passionate user and proponent of CBD products. Knowing that there are many others like me out in the world, I wanted to develop a platform to share my knowledge and the vast benefits of CBD products, and this is how CBD Oil Compare was born.

Our goal is to inform, educate, and ultimately, connect people to great CBD products so they can transform their lives the same way I did.

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